Friday, April 20, 2007

Subscription Nightmare

I just picked up my subscription from my local comic shop,Humungo Comics in Pottstown, PA and the order was wrong once again.

I cannot seem to get the items I have ordered from these people. And this has been going on from day one of my setting up this account.

First time was a book a had subscribed to just wasn't picked for the order. I had to walk over and pull the book off the shelf myself. This was for the book Vampire Bite Club, I was told they entered it into my subscription wrong and would fix it. Thank god the book ended and I did not need any more issues.

Then my subscription to DC's 52 stopped around issue 30. Again I was told it was a computer glitch. Well they must not have fixed the gitch because they completely missed week 35. And when I picked up a few weeks later the book was no longer available and I had to buy it from another source [paying more plus shiping].

I added the Anita Blake comic series to my subscription after buying the first issue. But for some reason the system would not enter the information. Finally, they got it into the computer by fudging the name [but I thought from earlier problems they had to have the name exactly as the distributor or they had problems with the books not being pulled [keep your fingers crossed this hasn't screwed up again since this].

Then I added the new Star Trek comics to my subscription. I did this WELL in advance of the first issue being released. Well their computer won't let them enter books into the subscriptions until after they come in. So again this was not pulled for me. I had to buy it else where. Plus I ordered two copies one of each cover. Issue three they only pulled one for me.

The highly anticipated return of Buffy to comics was advertised months in advance so I ordered two copies of each issue to be added to my order. I was told they would be added and they were definitely on order for me. Well, guess what? When I picked up my order no Buffy books at all! And this first printing sold out and could not be found anywhere!!! Boy was I pissed. So I sent them on a mission to get these for me and get me the first printing because that is what I ordered months before. Well they were only able to get me one first printing and one second printing. Okay my frined and I can live with that, but where was the second copy of issue 2? They only pulled one for me!

So with all these problems over the course of several months one would think they flag my account and pay closer attention to it. One would think.

I will keep you posted as to whether or not I stay with them. As well as if they are able to get me other items I have pre-ordered, like the upcoming DC 52 figures and the Star Klingon comics. They better not screw me over again!

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