Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Donate That Junker

Got a car you can't trade in on a new one? Has it been sitting in your yard so long the weeds now cover the for sale sign? Can't even give it away, huh? Well actually, you can simply donate your old car to a charity.

You might want to check out DonateCar.tv [Not sure why it is a .tv instead of .org since they are an organization and not a tv show. Isn't the internet fun?] By donating that old car you can help needy children get the things they need -- food, clothes, education. The little things that make life worth living. They need your help. And what is that rust bucket doing for you other than making it hard to mow your lawn?

So if you were thinking of recycling the car [you know calling a junk yard to haul it off], think twice. Most of these places charge you to take it away and then make more money off selling the parts. DonateCar.tv sells the parts to raise money for charity and they don't charge you to take away your car if the accept the vehicle for donation.

DonateCar.tv is a 501 (c)(3) charity so ask for a receipt for your taxes. Does the junk man do that for you? Nah, he's in it for himself. DonateCar.tv is in it for kids. So isn't it time to get that old car out of the drive and make your neighbors happy?

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