Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reverse Auctions or Sweepstakes? Both [maybe] is a unique twist to both the standard sweepstakes and the standard online auctions.

At a regular auction site, like eBay, you increase your bids to try to win. If you do win you have to pay the winning bid and shipping costs to get your goods. At it is the exact opposite. Instead of bidding higher you actually bid lower to win [yes, this is a game or so their site says]. Your low bid gets you the prize. Since it is more a sweepstakes than an auction you do not pay your low bid just the shipping costs and taxes.

If is for real this could be great fun. They appear to have some kick ass prizes to boot. But since we cannot verify the validity of their claims we recommend you do some research before you send them any money for prizes won. The whole thing could just be a new take on the YOU HAVE WON emails we all keep getting and most of us know are fakes.

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