Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping at ShopWiki -- Wiki, wiki, wiki

Why in the world would any one keep using the same old tired shopping portals when there is a site out there like

First off other shopping comparison sites list only certain items from sites that pay to be a part of their program. gives you control over the entire web, not just a select few stores. They spider the web just like the big search engines bringing you all the products and all the deals they find.

But that's not all they do. Oh no. They go beyond just product listings and price comparison by giving you helpful insights on how to shop for the best product while still getting a deal. Take their article on how to shop for high ticket items like jewelry and watches for instance. The wiki article gives you some very valuable tips on what to look for when shopping for those high ticket items. They even explain all about gemstones and birthstones for those of us who haven't the foggiest idea what to get for someones birthday. They have great information so you'll want to bookmark this site that's for sure (and forget those others out there).

So whether you are looking for Milestone Gifts or just toys for your cat check out the shopping guides at before you shop.