Monday, August 06, 2007

Doctor Strange on DVD

This August, delve deep into a world of fantasy and magic, filled with mystical creatures and perils beyond human awareness as Marvel Enterprises and Lionsgate release to DVD Doctor Strange...Stop By and win a copy.

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Looking Glass Wars Seeing Redd

Who has resurrected Redd’s army, the Glass Eyes, and set them loose to attack Wonderland on all sides? Battles will rage, looking glasses explode and the Alyssians are once again uniting to defend White Imagination and all the wonders of Wonderland in SEEING REDD [look for a contest coming soon]...Great New Book!

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Masters of Science Fiction

For four Saturdays in August prepare to be glued to your seats. A compelling new scifi series unseen since the original Twilight Zone is about to make contact. Premieres August 4th at 10 pm on ABC.

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