Friday, February 23, 2007

Where Has Customer Service Gone?

When did the concept of good customer service disappear? It seems to be MIA for quite some time now. This seems to be across the board from online retailers and mail order to just plain being rude to your face at brick and mortar stores.

Well the customer is not always right anymore and the employees for these companies just seem to eat that up by being short, rude and just plain unhelpful.

I hope that this trend starts to show in declining sales then maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee. And learn that it is time to establish a goo dworking relationship with your customers. If the customers go away so do the jobs. Keep that in mind.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

They Did It To Me Again!

Okay, it is the middle of winter and I usually do not eat ice cream [too cold], but I had a hankering for some good butter brickle ice cream. The best flavor out there, I tell you!

I had not had this wonderful ice cream in a long time because it dropped off the face of the earth a while back. Then one glorious day last summer my sister pointed it out to me that Turkey Hill had it again. So I ran out and bought two gallons that day. And kept that up all summer long.

Now when I am finally in the mood I go to a store to buy some and cannot find it! :(

I learn they had killed the flavor again! My beloved butter brickle is no more.

One more thing I need to write to them about and I ask for your help again. Please go to and let them know you want the flavor back as well.