Saturday, February 10, 2007

They Did It To Me Again!

Okay, it is the middle of winter and I usually do not eat ice cream [too cold], but I had a hankering for some good butter brickle ice cream. The best flavor out there, I tell you!

I had not had this wonderful ice cream in a long time because it dropped off the face of the earth a while back. Then one glorious day last summer my sister pointed it out to me that Turkey Hill had it again. So I ran out and bought two gallons that day. And kept that up all summer long.

Now when I am finally in the mood I go to a store to buy some and cannot find it! :(

I learn they had killed the flavor again! My beloved butter brickle is no more.

One more thing I need to write to them about and I ask for your help again. Please go to and let them know you want the flavor back as well.

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