Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Truck Drivers Suck

Why do truck drivers have to pass another truck only to go slower than the speed limit and ALL the cars he cut off to pass the other guy?

It never fails this ALWAYS happens to me on my commute to work. Speed limt = 65. Traffic is moving along at 75 mph. Idiot truck driver decides he must pass the only slightly slower truck than himself. Making traffic slow down to 60 mph!

Stay in the right lane!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stupid Turkey Hill

My favorite tea, the only thing I drink on a daily basis has been discontinued! They still make the horrid blueberry flavored oolong tea so why not still make the plain oolong. I had turned so many people on to this drink and now they kill it?

Everyone write in to them and tell them you want the oolong back! Not only back but in gallons too.

Their website is:

If you are like me a miss this drink let them know. And if you don't take a minute to email then just don't buy their brand next time you are at the store. Seems like money is what makes the world go round after all.