Saturday, April 07, 2007

Every One Needs Insurance...Especially Idiots!

Okay here is the story thus far…we had a really, really bad snow storm a few months back and our car was stuck in the front of the house after being plowed in by the city. The snow quickly froze and became ice. Which in turn cause the car to get stuck. Good thing to because the idiots in my neighborhood do not know how to shovel their own spots and stay in them. So the good thing was we did not need to move the car so we did not.

Problem came when we finally had a chance to move the car and someone stole the spot! We had to park in the back behind the garage. Thought we were being slick, but no, nature had other plans for us. Everything that was on the roof of the garage slid off and landed on the roof of the car! Thank god for insurance! But which insurance was going to cover this? Car insurance or homeowners insurance? We did not know so we called both. Turns out the car insurance covered it. Good thing too as it cost almost $2500 to fix it.

So learn from our stupidity and don’t park under a sloping room if it is covered in snow and ice. But most importantly get yourself some insurance. If you don’t have any or are looking for a new provider head to the Insurance Portal Online for info and a quote on Auto Insurance, Homeowners [and renters] Insurance and even Life Insurance. There will be a time when you need it, believe me, even if you aren't an idiot.

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