Monday, February 20, 2006

Greenies Dog Treats

Okay so Greenies dog treats might be dangerous to your dog, but then again so could their kibble. A dog is like a baby....everything goes in their mouths. If you don't watch them and make sure they are chewing their food properly you are going to wind up with a sick animal [or child].

These people who are trying to sue the makers of Greenies are just those type of people. Did they read the instructions? Did the give the dog the proper size dog treat? Did they watch the dog to make sure it did not bite off a piece that could choke it or lodge in their instestines? [I doubt it].

Out of the hundreds of thousands of dogs eating the treat only a handful of dogs got sick of died. I think that is true with any products [look at baby asprin....still on the market but it has killed children].

So if you are a good dog parent and don't feed your dog Greenies as a meal [or even every day as a treat] and keep a good eye on them to make sure they are eating / chewing the Greenies dog treats properly. You should not have a problem.

But I would have to venture a guess that due to this idiotic lawsuit that Greenies will either disappear completely or be remade to digest better. Mark my word. and watch to see if they stop selling the product or if it disappears off their site as they have been selling them for years [that's where I buy them for my three dogs --- I even have an automatic monthly delivery set up with them so my dogs never run out!]

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